Amin Optical Communications Technology also known as "FANA", has been established based on multi-year and valuable success and experiences of its pool of experts in research projects of Iran telecommunication research center and applied science of telecommunication university and in its one -decade of progressive activities, likewise other successful and leading companies, has put its main focus on research, development (R&D) and gaining cutting-edge technology in order to create modern systems and products based on client's needs and competing power. Experience has proven that due to extreme and fast development of technology specifically in information and telecommunication technology, performing research, design and development is more valuable than maintaining one product manufacturing line. It is also known that main issues of our big manufacturers in telecommunication technology field does not concern lack of equipment or financial resources but it is due to lack of design, innovation, development and research considerations. Therefore considering this critical parameter in its activities, FANA has highlighted R&D in telecommunication field along with leaning on valuable native pool of experts. FANA has entered industrial manufacturing of high-tech telecommunication systems choosing design and engineering products by means of research, development and gaining technical knowledge and QC of the product as its main activity and implementation of all manufacturing and contractors’ capacities for activities with lower added values as its outsourcing strategy.

Honors and Records


Silver engineering statue of top engineering from Tehran Province Industry, Mine and Trade Organization


Best manufacturer of 100Gbps systems from "8th information and telecommunication technology national festival"


Management system as per EN ISO 9001:2015 (TUV NORD CERT)


Research certificate from ministry of industry, mine and trade of Iran


Technical and engineering certificate from ministry of industry, mine and trade of Iran


Industrial certificate from ministry of industry, mine and trade of Iran


Iran regulatory approval certificate


Second place at "The 25th Khwarizmi international award"


Second place in communication equipment production from "4th information and telecommunication technology national festival"


First place in innovation and technology from "2nd information and telecommunication technology national festival"


Acknowledgement from ministry of industry, mine and trade of Iran

Fana company's trademark

Fana company's trademark registration in the register of deeds and properties

parswdm brand

ParsWDM brand registration

Rating bronze one star

Rating bronze one star in the import and export license from the national center for iranian ratings


Certification and qualification of the supreme council of informatics ranking


Research and development fund for the electronics industry awards


Selected design on application research from "Islamic Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO)"


Member of “Iran Telecommunication Industries Syndicate” (ITIS)


Networks, Components and Technology of DWDM



By Kian Pub.

Telecommunication Mobile Cellular

By ICT Fauculty Uni.

Our services


     FANA's products are presented in three main areas and in both software and hardware sides.
1. The optical communication systems OTN-DWDM with its application in all network layers such as: access networks FTTx, city networks METRO, inter-city transmission networks and infrastructure transmission networks and international.
2. ROADM systems.
3. Ethernet switch, Media converter and aggregator systems
4. Integrated management software system in element management layers, network management and service management based on SDN and MTNM.


     In modern world of technology research, development, design and engineering of the products are more important than the process of producing them. So the successful companies pay their most attention to the fields which need more knowledge and research effort and also have the most economic efficiency and added value among all chain of the available fields and make other parts and fields' products that need more manpower, capital and space for production more economic and efficient by applying different strategies and outsourcing them to other contractors. The problem that may occur in our country and other developing countries is that the large and traditional companies face lots of obstacles and problems due to the lack of flexibility in changing the product's design, the constant investment costs, overhead construction and more importantly lack of appropriate part of research and development. If they continue the trend, they will face bankruptcy and will be omitted from the market.

Maintenance and support

     In order to training or assure the accuracy of the software and hardware products presented in FANA and be at good condition in consumers' site, the company is ready for making supportive contracts and agreement in different levels.

Other areas of working

  • Providing a master plan and the ICT strategic program.
  • Management administration and monitoring the ICT projects.
  • Consulting and editing request for presenting proposal plan.
  • Consultation, evaluation and choosing systematic solution, tender, offering the superior supplier and contract advice.
  • Monitoring the ICT deployment solutions, presenting solutions based on the ICT and proportionate to the organization needs.
  • Consulting monitoring design and implementation of all kinds of communication and computer networks.
  • Consulting monitoring analyzing (mechanizing) and implementation of all kinds of organization processes for improving the organization performance.

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